Sunshine Umbrous
Name Sunshine Umbrous
Age 17
Birthday Miltank 31st, 13462 (October 31st, 1990)
Height 5'6"
Weight ?
Mates Kimi, Ariel, Iridescence
Friends and Family Shalla, Race, Kyrea, Sashale, Darkjewel


Sunshine Umbrous was born a healthy baby eevee weighing in at about 7 pounds 8 ounces at hatching time to her proud parents (insert parents names here). Her parents were at the head of Team Phoenix and effectively secluded their child from the harsh world of Helsing by keeping her within the manor at all times.

This decision had its own concequences as the umbreon was an only child and had no other children around to make friends with. Living in such a haunted house the umbreon's senses instead naturally seemed to tune-in to the supernatural. Making friends with the ghosts of the manor.

Her first real encounter with the outside world was when she was 12 years old. She came down with a bad illness that could only be treated in Ginseng. In a full convoy of guards, family and doctors they headed to the monorail. Stepping off the monorail on the other side was the first shocking experience of her life. The blindingly bright daylight sun greeted her eyes for the first time.

As for how Sunshine came into control of Team Phoenix at such a young age? Well there was a tragic incident resulting in the death of both of her parents. Her strong connection to the supernatural allowed her to occasionally hear them and their words for her were to take control, which she did with a vengeance. She tracked down those suspected of setting this up and years of suppression of instincts and emotions was shattered like a broken mirror. What happened next would turn the stomachs of even the most hardened Helsing cop. When she was done she wrote in the blood of the fallen the words 'FUCK WITH ME AND THIS HAPPENS!'

Sunshine used to be more helpful and compassionate, willing to stick her neck out to protect others. The umbreon helps those who help themselves and those too weak to protect themselves. Once in a while you do something that changes someone elses life and sometime changes your own. That particular thing for the umbreon was saving Kaishi Yamada from a group of thugs during one of her trips to Helsing. The umbreon dispatched the them with practiced ease and took the young photographer under her wing and protected her. The umbreon basically credited Kaishi with teaching her about happiness and love, when she found out that she was seeing a police officer, Gigan Larson it was no suprise how she reacted the only way she knew how... With violence, hostility and aggression. One night at the manor and some things she would later regret... the umbreon let it all go with the help of Shalla's own unique brand of emotional support.


Sunshine has a very complex personality as a result of all the supernatural influences on her over the years. The umbreon has a plenty of mental problems. She has a multiple personality disorder which express different emotions that she may be having at the time and none are truly split. Those personalities with negative emotional connotations tend to have more sociopathic tendencies which allows her to effectively segregate her more hostile actions and justify them to herself. These ones tend to expose themselves when the umbreon is under heavy stress conditions, the other more positive dealing ones tend to be rather happy and friendly to people.