Vulpix              Ninetales           Horsea              Seadra              Ditto
Eevee               Vaporeon            Jolteon             Flareon             Articuno
Zapdos              Moltres             Dratini             Dragonair           Dragonite
Mewtwo              Mew                 Espeon              Umbreon             Unown
Wobbuffet           Kingdra             Raikou              Entei               Suicune
Larvitar            Pupitar             Tyranitar           Lugia               Ho-oh
Celebi              Trapinch            Vibrava             Flygon              Swablu
Altaria             Wynaut              Bagon               Shelgon             Salamence
Beldum              Metang              Metagross           Regirock            Regice
Registeel           Latias              Latios              Kyogre              Groudon
Rayquaza            Jirachi             Deoxys              

In order to be considered for a restricted species you must have the following.
1) Picked a species that isn't a one of a kind. i.e. Mew, Jirachi, Celbi, etc etc.
2) You must have a very good description.
3) You must have a very good background and attitude field in your info.

You may also need to be interviewed by a staff member or three before being validated.