Donation Page: How to donate, what you can get

Click the button below to donate.

You may donate with or without a perk request. The following perks will be permitted for donations...

And now the restrictions:

I've decided to keep this program in place indefinitely, however, I (Alynna) reserve the right to refuse any request, especially if it would be game-breaking. Do NOT donate expecting to get your request, this is not a store. Donate to donate to the game and I am likely to acquiese to your perk request if it fits within the given guidelines or is a reasonable request. I will never refund a donation, because this is for donating first. If you are donating just for a perk, you are doing it for the wrong reason. That being said, talk to me in game if you are going to make an unusual perk request for a donation.

If you are requesting a perk, there is a location to write it in on the donation form. Please put it there, and also page me with it.