The Rules


The AUP is effectively our consitution. It is *REQUIRED* to be read and accepted in order to play on the muck. All AUP violations are considered very serious and will be dealt with accordingly. This is straight from the file in the muck so you have an opprotunity to review it before you even log in.

Consentual RP

Pokemon World is based on the consentual role play model with few exceptions. Ditto, Dittokin and Special Ops characters automatically give up their right to consentual-death. Anyone who engages in violence against the Ditto Collective also risk bad things happening to their characters. Consentual-RP is not an excuse to avoid In-Character Actions=In-Character Concequences (ICA=ICC).

Restricted Species

Pokemon World restricts ALL legendary species. These are plot-device characters that will be run by staff when they are needed. In previous incarnations of the muck players were able to apply for legendaries and this effectively made them 'personal characters' of the person who applied and effectively removed them from being used for plot purposes.

In addition to this several normal pokemon species have been restricted as well due to rarity and power in the games. The lowest level pokemon of all these lines are listed... Beldum, Slackoth, Dratini, Bagon, Larvitar.

The last category of restricted is those which are overpopulated. For normal species this is if their species represents more than 3% of the active playerbase. For restricted species this is if their species represents more than 1% of the active playerbase. Legendaries are always One of a Kind. For the most current list of restricted species, click here