The Ditto Collective

The collective use and abuse their amorphous forms to achieve their goals. Their primary goal is to turn everyone into a ditto or dittokin through force if necessary. To this end they rely on subterfuge and stealth to achieve their goals and sew paranoia among their enemies. ANYONE could possibly be a ditto infiltrator, and the means and methods to detect such are scrupulous at best as currently the best method to determine if someone is a ditto, dittokin or clean is to rely on a DNA testing which takes hours to do even when rushed. 32 specific markers in combination determine one to be a ditto. 16 markers present indicates a dittokin. 8 markers present indicates a gendershifter and werepokemon. 4 markers indicates gendershifter or werepokemon, 2 markers indicate mixed breeding in the persons history and 1 marker indicates a normal pureblood pokemon or morph. There has never been anyone who has not manifested atleast 1 of these markers.

Annika - The voice of the Ditto Collective. Annika is the Queen of the Ditto. All Ditto and all but a handful of Dittokin follow her with blind loyalty. In essence she is dictator supreme.

Phobos - The right hand man of Annika. Although they do not always see eye to eye on all matters. An oddity among the collective, he prefers solitude, save when numbers are required, and possesses a level of individuality and decidedly aberrant mentality that almost any other ditto would certainly be eliminated for. Why he is allowed these ways is a mystery, save his results when set on a task are chillingly effective.

The Good Guys

As with any society there must always be those who keep the peace and prevent the decay into anarchy. Those listed are police officers in the Ginseng City Police Department (GCPD) unless otherwise stated. Although there are laws coming into effect that will allow them to use their powers elsewhere.

Chief Jenny Squirtolski - The Squirtolski family has been a mainstay in law enforcement for ages. Every police department has an officer Jenny functioning as the chief of police. They all look the same and have similar attitudes.

Senior Officer Grenda - Not much to say about Grenda except she's a good cop gone horribly horribly wrong. Now in her mid 50's and overweight, the only reason she remains on the force is seniority and the fact she loves her assignments at schools and colleges and for the love of Mew dont ask about the gloves.

Officer Gigan Larson - Honest and Hardworking. Officer Larson has on many occasions had his work follow him home as his current fiance Kaishi Yamada used to be involved with Sunshine Umbrous. Though an uneasy truce appears to exist between the Umbreon and the Raichu, noone really knows why or how this came about.

The Umbrous Crime Family

To say that the Umbrous Crime Family controls Team Phoenix would be an understatement. They own and control Team Phoenix which is to say a major crime ring that employs many unsavory people looking for work but they themselves do not consitute members of the family.

Sunshine Umbrous - With a tragic accident having claimed her parents lives at the age of 15. This young umbreon is now in charge of the Umbrous crime family. Ruling over Helsing with an iron fist, she has no qualms about crushing her opponents either physically, socally or politically.

Mina Flarevee-Umbrous - One of Sunshine's mates and mother of her first born. This flareon is the mother of Sunshine's first born Luna.

Kimi Tarill-Umbrous - One of Sunshine's mates and mother of her second child. This eevee recently evolved Jolteon from a Thunder Stone that the umbreon managed to 'acquire'.

Ariel Taggart-Umbrous - This vaporeon is one of Sunshine's mates. Not often seen in the public eye she has until recently shyed away from the umbreon's family business.

Shalla - A close personal friend of the family. Sunshine paid for this arbok's tuition to law school and she now serves as the Lawyer for the Umbreon.

Iridesence Umbrous - The ghost that used to inhabit the body of Kada. The umbreon showed them a good deal of 'tough love' and made her atone for her past. She now lives in the manor happily as Sunshine's ghosty lover.

Tassadar Sargas - Adopted Son of Sunshine.

The Pokemon League

Also known simply as 'The League'. They are effectively the government as they encompass the Council of 17 who make the laws, The League Officials who apply the laws, The Police who enforce the laws and the Gym Leaders who are bound by the laws along with everyone else.

Oswald Souleater - An ancient sableye with a dark secret. Oswald Souleater is what most would call 'older than dirt' and they'd almost be right. He was there during the first ditto war and suffered terribly. Now he is the head official for the league, handing down sentences to those who disobey the laws. Oswald is a very conservative judge and it shows, his rulings are often described as 'harsh but fair'.

The council of seventeen

17 people (pokemon or morphs) who are elected to their positions by both morphs and mon. They work out of a capital but rarely remain there except for meetings. Anyone can run, and anyone can vote for any of the seventeen (people tend to vote for the best selection of their type but this is not enforced by law), and the top one for each type sits on the council. The runners up, are often selected by the winners to work for them as part of the council, although they can decide not to select anyone at all.
The council of seventeen, essentially rule the continent, making laws, and hearing the requests of others. Council is open for attendance by anyone. However elections come up once a year and an unpopular council member can find themselves replaced after only one term. A maximum of four terms can be served by any member.

Craven Enterprises

This ia a MegaCorp, much like the Microsoft of Pokemon World except they dont release extremely buggy code and charge you money for it. They are ones who produce most Pokedexes and all the TMs, Equipment and Curative items that are available for mass production. This company gets a majority of its component parts from Unsteelie Heavy Industries and has their headquarters on The Ark an abandoned oil rig off the shore of Helsing.

CEO - Sashale Craven
Chief Secretary - Kerri Winters
Receptionist - Yori Dejiko
Research Scientist - Dr. Botany Hananosei
Chief Security - Cypherial Craven

Unsteelie Heavy Industries

This large (some would argue Mega) corperation is an industrial leader. They deal primarily in creating component parts and raw materials for other companies. Recently having located their headquarters to Helsing, the plot they wanted was owned by Sunshine Umbrous and with the promise of new jobs and other good things a corperation brings the umbreon accepted.

CEO - Jaoquin "Jack" Ortiz-Napier
VP - Serenity Harlene Futura
Tech Support - Pwnage
Tech Support - Gank

Gym Leaders

Bug - Ran
Dark - DarkJewel
Electric - Giselle
Fire - Vesta
Flying - Angela
Ghost - Sunshine
Grass - Kami
Ice - Powder
Normal - Sketch
Poison - Shalla
Psychic - Kada
Rock - Edna
Steel - Whiskey
Water - Leviathan


Squee - Squee is just... Squee. There's really no way to describe the little Seedot. You have to experience Ginseng's little unofficial mascot for yourself. Often seen dancing madly to music only playing in her little bizarre nut-world, the eternally active little acorn is as free as any being can be. An Avid hat collector as well, newcomers to Ginseng are advised not to get too attached to their headgear.