+dex [name]
Use this to find out pokedex info on you or anyone else.

+dex/attack [name]
Use this to find out what an attack or ability does.

+dex/item [name]
Use this to find out what an item is or what it does.

+dex/pokemon [name]
Gives you the pokedex entery of the pokemon

lists all of the tms

lists all of the hms

When you enter a store, use this to list what the store is offering.

+store/buy [name of item]
use this to buy the item you want.

+vote [name]=amount
use this to vote a character to give them more xp if you feel their RP was good. you can vote up to 3 votes per vote command

use this to vote for everyone in the room with one vote

+roll [ability name]=[target]
+attack [ability name]=[target]
When wanting to use an ability, this is what you type. Self inflected skills do not need a target. Same with weathers.

+train [ability name]=[exp]
When you want to have an ability grow stronger, or learn a move that your level will allow you to have, use this command.

changes your sex if you have the ability.

this command is used to assimilate a pokemon. only ditto and dittokin can use this.

changes you from mon to morph, only were pokemon can use this.

Grants someone as your owner, they are able to train you with this.

Leaves your owner

disown your pokemon

If you have the itemfinder, use this if it tells you there is an item in the room.