There are three classes of life on the Pokemon homeworld:
Animals: There are about 3.6 million different species of insect, plant,
animals, and etc, that have not reached self-awareness. These
are also commonly known as 'food' in many cases. These are the
base type of lifeforms.

Pokemon: The first class of lifeforms to achieve self-awareness were
genetic advances from the animals. They are known as pokemon,
and is usually more advanced then the animal from which it is
derived. A full 10% of pokemon are not self-aware, however. It
is generally illegal (however laws on some continents and cities
vary) to hold a self-aware pokemon against its will. Only a few
regions disallow the forced-capture of *any* type of pokemon.

Most pokemon live in their native habitats and are not part of
pokemorph society. Those who do choose to live in pokemorph
society often seek out (or at the very least, accept an offer) to
be trained by a pokemorph. The pokemorph provides them a pokeball
to live in and takes care of them for the most part, and in return,
the pokemon not only helps and serves the trainer, but fights in
tournaments, if the trainer is into that. This is not the only
reason someone might keep pokemon.. From friendship and love, to
forced servitude for the purposes of evildoing, it is as varied as
the imagination allows.

Pokemon that choose to live in the wild may still take a pokeball
and be associated with a trainer that allow them to run free, but
about 30% of all pokemon just want to continue living in the woods
and training themselves. Another 30% will not allow a trainer to
train them unless they (or their pokemon) can defeat them in
battle. This is to ensure that the pokemorph is strong enough to
teach the pokemon something new. Another 30% (on average) will
allow a trainer to take them for other reasons, including simply
friendship or love. The other 10% are not yet self-aware.

Pokemorphs: Pokemorphs evolved later from their pokemon bretheren. It goes
without saying that pokemorphs are all self-aware, as pokemorphs
are the result of the top of evolutionary development of pokemon,
while in-sentient pokemon are still at the bottom. Some
pokemorphs live in the woods, but usually as conscious naturalists
or to get closer to their pokemon sides, and some might just be
more tied to their pokemon aspect than others.

Most pokemorphs live in a city, or in the outskirts of a city, in
houses themed towards their family's primary type. Most of society
is geared towards the service of pokemorphs, and pokemon are
generally not serviced unless they ask, as most pokemon do not make
use of civilized services on their own.

Pokemorphs, regardless of species, range between three to eight
feet, all have 4-5 individual, manipulatable digits on two arms,
and stand upright on two legs. Smaller species tend towards 3-4
feet and larger species towards 7-8 feet in height. They all tend
to between 64 and 320 pounds depending on size.

Humans: Humans are pokemorphs of type fighting, evolved from Primeape.
A human cannot be of the pokemon morphology. With the exception
of what is stated in here, what applies to pokemorphs, applies to humans.