1) To begin creating your character, type:
+chargen <your name>
If you are redoing an existing character or retiring it and want to keep
your XP, use this:
+reset <your name>

2) Select which type of pokemon you will be.
Use +pokechooser to set your gender, species, and morphology.
+pokechooser <male|female|hermaphrodite|gendershifter>
<pokemon name or number>
+pokechooser female vulpix pokemorph

Different pokemon have different costs, check the dex:
+dex/pokemon <name/number>
to find out what its stats, attacks, and cost (in freebies) to play are.

3) Spend your freebies.
You start with 30 freebies, minus the cost of your character and possibly
with some of your freebies already spent, from (2).

Type +freebies to list the areas you can put points in,
Use +freebie <type>=<amount> to spend/unspend points, and
type +finish when done.

4) Select your attacks.
You can +dex at any time to look at yourself with your pokedex.
You start at level 10, with 100xp to spend. You can choose any of the
stats for your kind of pokemon (+dex/pokemon <your type>) that are
green, or less than or equal to your current level. To put XP into
an attack, type +buy <attack>=<XP>
You can spend all your XP, or save some, its up to you.

5) Set your description and form.
Type 'editplayer'. This will allow you to set up the physical,
unsheeted aspects of your character.

6) Set your character information.
Type '+info/help'. Now fill in as many fields as you can. You can come
back later and fill in more stuff as you create more detail.

7) You should be all ready to play, type "ic" to go to the IC grid.
Enjoy ^_^